Keep on challenging the traditional wisdom and be a maverick to blaze the trail

Unless you subjugate your ego true bliss will not arrive.

True bliss

New Dawn.

We as human beings are at the threshold of a new dawn. Behind all this chaos and confusion a new pattern is emerging. Internecine wars may come to an end if we realise we all belong to the same tribe. Religion of dogmatism will come to an end. People will soon realise that violence has hardly served the purpose. Attitude of holier than thou may eventually come to an end. We need to trust that eveyone will behave sensibly to bring sanity to this strife-torn world. World already has enough wisdom to patch-up between all the people. Divinity within will arise and start building a new world. There is enough and to spare in this world for all. Scientists will focus on find something in the space and other planets to elevate life on earth. Religions will revampt to adapt to new changes. Everyone will realise that the nature has endowed cornicopia of blessings to provie enough to all. National parochoialism will come to an end and politicis will cease to be a cesspool.


Humanity-The greatest religion.


There is no point in claiming that one religion is superior to the other. All religions propagate universal brotherhood. Religions need to be rid of superstition and vested interests. Perpetrating hatred and violence in the name of religion is a cardinal sin vitiating the very religious tenets. We all have the same body , nature and universe. Sun does not discriminate between races, religion  and nation. Humanity is the most coveted goal of all truly religious people . Using religion to subjugate people is biogotism. Religions need to be revamped to meet the changing needs. Religion must truly liberate a person. Only extolling the virtues is not good enough. We need to imbibe the qualities of god. But many people are scared of this as it involves lot of responsibilities. A truly committed human being may be an atheist. Religions are used by the power-hungry people to amass wealth by hoodwinking the masses by their shenanigans. We not to remove the masquerade of these people and shown their real place. Let us all evolve a religion of humanity rather than fighting one another.

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